April 22, 2024

Privacy Policy

Privacy and Refund Policy:

allsupplementstore allows you to chat with doctors if you have valid confusion or want guidance on how to use supplements.   Under such conditions, the law guarantees that no information about your health shared by you will be disclosed or used without your consent.   Consumer privacy is maintained at all times.   As mentioned, the refund is at your discretion, but if given you will be refunded exactly the amount of money you paid back in the original way used to pay the surcharge.

Ordering and Delivery Process:

To order, you must click on the dietary supplement you want and then add it to your shopping cart.   This can be done multiple times with each supplement you wish to purchase. After that, you will need to enter a discount code if you have one and enter the details of the address where you wish to receive the supplements. Then pay the amount using any approved payment method. Once this is done and proof of payment has been created, we’ll take care of the delivery using our free delivery options and you’ll have the product within a day or two.

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